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GR series intelligent sterilizer

· Large diameter sterilization chamber
· Waste sterilization mode
· Drying function
· Cooling lock OPEN temperature

Drug Sensitivity Analyzer
Bacterial identification
Nucleic acid extractor

Nucleic acid extraction reagent

Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

Real-time quantitative PCR reagents

Matrix-assisted laser analytical time-of-flight mass spectrometer

    · Completely independent research and development, master core technology · High frequency (20Hz) long-life solid-state laser

    · Achieve adjustable spot spot energy relationship · Dual pulse ion source delay extraction technology

    · Original small-angle laser incidence design · Equipped with a large-capacity, localized database

    · High sensitivity and better resolution

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About us
Sichuan Shengshi Hengyang Technology Co., Ltd.
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Sichuan Shengshi Hengyang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Chengdu, Sichuan in 2014. The company is mainly engaged in medical equipment, inspection and analysis instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents and consumables. It has a professional team that integrates laboratory program design, equipment support, and reagent and consumable supply. supplier. Our company insists on refined management, controllable transportation in the whole process, uses professional spirit to help the development of the national health cause, and provides high-quality services to customers with high-quality products and timely after-sales management. Today, all employees of Shengshi Hengyang are adhering to the concept of "universal diagnosis science and benefiting the general public" ... serving all levels of disease control, hospitals, environmental protection, industrial and commercial quality inspection, scientific research institutes and other units in the southwest.
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